The Rock to Fight Kaiju in the Movie Version of Rampage


Not to be confused with the nihilistic mini-franchise Uwe Boll thinks he’s been making, the classic Rampage game lets you trash major cities as George the giant gorilla, Lizzie the lizard or Ralph the wolf. Dwayne Johnson would make a great George or Ralph, though Deadline is reporting that he’ll be opposing the monsters. I hope that’s just a guess, as the whole point of Rampage was to make you identify with the creatures and triumph over the puny humans. And frankly, the Rock needs to do some more bad-guy stuff onscreen – his public persona is getting painfully close to Rocky Maivia levels, as the legacy dude who just smiles all the time. We need a heel turn.

Cast Rocky as George, Ronda Rousey as Lizzie and Kevin Durand as Ralph. I’d be down for a ticket.